DialogEduShift: Transforming Higher Education Teaching and Evaluation Approaches in the Era of AI Chat Tools

Projekta numurs: 2023-1-PL01-KA220-HED-000167212

Projekta vadītājs/koordinators: Līga Danilāne

Projekta mērķis: -Empower academic teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge to integrate AI chat tools into their teaching methodologies and evaluation strategies. 

- Enhance the quality of education by leveraging AI chat tools to provide personalized and engaging learning experiences. 

- Foster digital readiness, resilience, and capacity in higher education institutions by embracing AI technologies. 

- Develop a comprehensive framework for evaluating the effectiveness and ethical considerations of AI chat tools in the educational context.

Projekta anotācija un galvenie uzdevumi: The DialogEduShift project is motivated by the increasing need to adapt higher education teaching and evaluation approaches to the rapidly advancing era of AI chat tools. As AI technologies such as ChatGPT Plus become more prevalent in various sectors, it is essential that the education sector keeps pace with these advancements, ensuring that educators and students are equipped to harness their potential effectively and responsibly.

Objective 1: Enhance the Understanding and Adaptation of AI Language Models in Higher Education

-Conduct in-depth research on the current challenges and opportunities associated with the use of AI large language models in higher education for the sake of handbook (WP2).

-Develop guidelines to help educators effectively utilize AI language models in their teaching and assessment processes (WP3).

Objective 2: Develop and Implement a Comprehensive Training Program for Academic Educators

-Design an engaging course that educates academic educators on the use of large language models, incorporating various resources such as newsletters, explainer videos, and crowdsourced materials (WP4).

-Establish effective classroom policies that promote the responsible and effective use of AI language models in higher education.

Objective 3: Foster Collaboration and Dissemination of Knowledge Among Higher Education Institutions

-Organize a series of multiplier events and workshops targeted at higher education institutions to share the knowledge and best practices gained from the project (WP5).

-Encourage networking and collaboration among educators and institutions to drive the continuous improvement and adaptation of AI language models in higher education.

Projekta rezultāti: The DialogEduShift will consist of following concrete results: WP2 - Handbook on usage of AI large language models in the higher education - it will tackle the most actual situation and the challenges which are faced by academic educators. Such research is improtant as if project gets funding and starts the situation might already evaluate and it is important to have imporant cross country research about the situation.

WP3 - Guidelines on the use of AI Chat tools in higher education - the following result will focus on better understanding what generative AI technologies can and can’t do, you will be able to develop more-informed document for academic educators on the usage of such tools in the educational process and its role on assessment.

WP4 - Creation of the course for academic educators on the usage of large language models in higher education - the course will consist of newsletters, creating explainer videos, and crowdsourcing resources and classroom policies.

Partneri: Uniwersytet Kardynala Stefana Wyszynskiego W Warszawie, Poland – Vadošais Partneris

Europäisches Haus Esthal Gmbh, Germany

Rezeknes Tehnologiju akademija, Latvia

Sumy State University, Ukraine

Fundacja Eastern Institute Of Business Education, Poland

Mugla Sitki Kocman University, Turkie

Projekta kopējais finansējums: 250 000 Eur (RTA 40490 Eur)

Projekta finansējuma avots: Erasmus+ KA220-HED - Cooperation partnerships in higher education

RTA personāls, ka ir iesaistīts projektā: L.Danilāne, V.Ļubkina, A.Āboliņa